A beautiful soundtrack

I have these dreamy flashbacks,  moments of us together, there is always beautiful music playing in the background. You had a thing for making sure no matter where we went there was always good music playing, even if you had to spit out some dope ass beat.

Remember when we drove to  Reddington Beach one windy day. Took the blankets out the car, the wind was so strong we could barely keep the blankets on the ground. The sand was blowing in our eyes, hair, and mouth, so we decided to take one of the blankets and make a tent to cover us. We laid there under the blanket looking into each others eyes for a while, you kissed me and we listened to the  wind, ocean, and sand on the outside of our makeshift tent. What beautiful music.  I wanted that moment to last forever, but the rain started coming down so we dashed to the car.

Oh, we were never afraid of getting wet, you remember one rainy Florida morning, we decided to walk in the rain from your apartment in old northeast to the starbucks on 4th street. It was perfect weather. Big raindrops exploding from the sky, thunder booming all around. No raincoats, jackets, or hats to shield us from the storm. We got dressed, I even did my hair, we put on our flip flops and started trotting in the down pour. Holding hands, watching the people watch us, as we enjoyed getting drenched together. I loved how our hands felt wet in love. I recall glancing at raindrops hanging off dark rich green leaves falling into tiny lakes forming on the cracked sidewalk. Our feet splashing in puddles, coming out covered in fallen leaves and dirt clinging to our toes, between our toes, mud hitchhiking up our ankles. As we stepped into Starbucks our teeth went into an instant chatter as the cold crisp air hit our soaked bodies. Water fell off your long golden dreadlocks onto the floor.  People looked at us like deers in headlights, their coffee cups frozen in midair, maybe because our clothes was clinging on to us for dear life, and my nipples stood out like beam lights. We didn’t care about the stares, warm coffee was on our mind. As  jazz played in the coffee shop and rain drops danced outside. IMG_4907




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