People are stupid

When dealing with grief, there is not turning it on and turning it off! I’m not a damn robot.

There is no acting in a certain behavior (keeping it together) to help those around you to feel comfortable.

There is no I will deal with it later, because right now just isn’t the time to fall apart.

Grief comes with various types of emotions and there just isn’t any predicting how you will react.

I have over heard people judging me, because of my emotional state, and it has taken everything within me not to let the wicked witch take over and wish this pain upon them. 

People who use to call me, no longer call, because they are just not sure what to say or do. It is like I’ve gotten a plague and it just might be contagious.

This is a good one, “You look and sound like your doing much better now”. I want to take my hand and pull out my pain that is stabbing my heart and place it within them and ask, how does that feel?

I know people are just trying to be kind or don’t know what to say, I’m going to have to just ignore them and try my best not take things personal.

One of the meanest things I’ve heard is, “Be thankful, he could have hurt you or our baby, due to him not being on his medication.”

WTF! They don’t realize I’ve lost my partner, a man I loved dearly.

People are so insensitive and rude!


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