How to live in change

There are certain days that come with significant moments, for example, this morning I was entering the highway on my way to work and I saw a single shiny black balloon caught in some bushes off to the side of the highway, GRADUATION written in bold colorful letters. The balloon waved back and forth in the wind, trapped. I then looked up into the sky, within seconds I watched an airplane disappear into the clouds. A deeper awareness sneaks up on me like a sweet long island ice tea with a lemon on the side. Life is still going on, seniors graduating, moving on to their next chapter in life, families going away for Memorial Day weekend. Cars passing me by, rushing to their vital destinations. I stopped at my father’s house, there was something different, and the majestic magnolia tree in his front yard was covered in numerous magnolias this year, more than previous years. So much change going on, and my life, it has changed significantly, and I have no idea how to live in it without you.



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