Time means nothing.

I’ve never been the kind of person to count the months, or keep track of anniversaries, birthdays, or first time dates. As the days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and the months approaches a year, I  keep hearing people say it’s coming up on the anniversary date of you passing.

I am still have trouble accepting / believing that you are not here in the flesh.

i write to you with belief that you are somewhere somehow reading this even if it’s in the spirit world, with hopes of receiving a sign that I’m able to communicate with you and you know I love so dearly.

I look at you photos and I usually get that shocking frightening feeling that hits me to my deep core.

I find myself holding my breath a lot lately and I know it’s my denial, I don’t want to accept this reality that I’m drifting through on a subconscious level. I miss you and don’t know how to live in this new reality without you.

Time means nothing because each day is just as painful as the first day without you.


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